Raising suicide awareness in Luton

We must protect our mental health during this current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The government has emphasised that we need to take steps to protect our physical health but our mental health is equally important.

Suicide is the single leading cause of death in men under 50 and has affected our community in Luton. It is, however a preventable death. We are lucky in Luton to have a great community which continually supports and empowers each other. The charity 'Zero SuicideĀ Alliance' is seeking to equip communities with the skills to help them support someone who is considering suicide.

By delivering this training they aim help to develop your skills so that you can:

- See, see the problem
- Say, say the words and start a conversation
- Signpost, signpost the person to support

This free training to help equip you with the ability to have a life changing conversation. Every life lost is a tragedy and spending a few moments of your time could help you save a life. Please consider completing this training.



If you are in need of support, the NHS has published comprehensive help to support mental health during the current crisis.