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Luton declared "area of intervention"

Luton declared "area of intervention"


Luton has been declared an "area of intervention" by Public Health England. This is due to a spike in Coronavirus cases in the town, we must act swiftly to stop the spread of this virus and protect our community.


Comprehensive update to lockdown guidance


As lockdown is incrementally lifted, restrictions, guidance and advice can be confusing. Below we've compiled a list which aims to help you navigate current guidance:


Raising suicide awareness in Luton

We must protect our mental health during this current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The government has emphasised that we need to take steps to protect our physical health but our mental health is equally important.

The Queen's Speech on Coronavirus

Across Luton, our community has come together to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19). We face extraordinary challenges each day but our determination, strength and resilience will ensure we rise to the occasion.