About us

Luton Conservatives are working to advocate for and represent the people of Luton. 

We exist to promote the aims and values of the Conservative Party in the constituency, to provide an effective campaigning organisation, to secure the return of Conservative candidates at elections and to raise the necessary funds to achieve these objectives. We also have a lot of social events, so come along and join in the fun.

The minimum subscription is £39.00 and membership of the Federation entitles you to a vote in the selection of your local candidates; a vote in the election of Federation Officers; one member, one vote in the election of the Party Leader; and the opportunity to attend Party Conference.

Our Federation is keen to welcome members, whether they wish to stand for election as local councillors, become active in campaigning or simply offer us their support. 

As a local party we aim to:

  • Sustain and promote the objects and values of the Party in Luton 
  • Provide an effective campaigning organisation which effectively communicates with the people of Luton and represents their views
  • Secure the return of Conservative Candidates at elections in all areas of Luton

We always welcome new members. Like any worthwhile organisation there is a lot of hard work to be done. It is rewarding and often good fun. Please see the email admin@lutonconservatives.co.uk if you would like further information and/or would like to help or join your local association.

You can also check our social media accounts for more information: