Comprehensive update to lockdown guidance



As lockdown is incrementally lifted, restrictions, guidance and advice can be confusing. Below we've compiled a list which aims to help you navigate current guidance:


⚠️ Face coverings: Advisable where social distancing is not possible. You must wear face masks on all forms of public transport.


⚠️ Social distancing: You must remain 2m apart from each other where possible, including when at work


🚗 Going to work: Employees who can't work from home, should return to work.


🏡 Family and friends: You can meet up to 6 people from different households. Gatherings of over 30 people are restricted by law.


🏠 🏠 Two households can meet indoors provided social distancing is in effect. People who live alone or single parents can form a 'bubble' with other households with no social distancing.


⛪️ Weddings: Weddings with up to 30 people can proceed from 4th July.


🕍 Funerals: Please contact your local funeral director for more information, however restrictions in regards to size remain. (30 people maximum).


👜Shops: Essential shops remain open. Likewise garden centres, outdoor markets, car showrooms and non-essential retail can also open. It is advisable to check with shops and services in advance.


💇‍♀️ Hairdressers and beauty salons: Barbers and Hairdressers have opened however beauty salons will open on July 13th.


🥽 Our local services: Waste and recycling centres are open across Luton however these are operating limited services.


🚮 Waste and tidy tips: Both Eaton Green Road and Progress Way tidy tips are open.


♻️Bin collections: All services should be operating smoothly again. Glass collections resumed on July 7th and will take place every 4 weeks for the foreseeable future.


🕌 Places of worship: Sites of worship across Luton are open, please contact your preferred site directly for accurate opening information.


Libraries: Luton libraries have remained closed. However, the Luton Libraries Online service remains operational:


⚽️ Indoor and outdoor sports facilities: Most of these are now open with pools opening today.


🍕Cafes, pubs and restaurants: Opened from July 4th with table service only.


🎥 Leisure activities: Some outdoor services have opened, including outdoor theatres, cinemas and zoos. Please liaise with local services for full opening arrangements.


👨‍🏫 Schools and early years settings will reopen fully in September, complying with government guidance.


The council website has more information:…