Jeet Bains - Luton North

Hi, my name is Jeet Bains and I am honoured to be standing as your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Luton North for the Conservative Party.

As a Councillor in the London Borough of Croydon for nine years, I’ve been helping people with a wide range of issues, from bins and streets to planning and business districts. I’ve worked nationally and  internationally as a management consultant and held senior positions in areas such as Health, Pensions, Policing, Housing, International Development and Banking. My wife and I have two wonderful teenage children, and I know what it’s like to balance competing demands in a busy life. We need an experienced individual, not a novice.

My priorities for Luton North are more jobs, better housing, and even more funding for the NHS. Labour’s infighting shows their disdain for Luton North. I will end this and focus on economic investment.

Luton voted to Leave the EU, as did I – let’s get Brexit done. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is clear that “Jeet has always respected the result of the referendum and will join me in getting Brexit done at every opportunity.”