Chairman's Welcome

The Conservative Party in Luton has changed.

The newly elected Officers of the Luton Conservative Federation are:-

We believe that the Labour controlled council have let the people of Luton down, we know this from the correspondence we receive they are not dealing with the day to day problems that worry people. The elected Conservative Councillors will always try to deal with your issues we will not always succeed but you will have the knowledge that we have tried.

We want a Luton Council that is more transparent and believe whole heartedly that the people of Luton know best. If like my team you want to change Luton for the better, please consider being a member and joining the party by informing our office of your intention. 

In the near future we will be selecting candidates for all wards within the borough, if you would like to know more about being a councillor contact the Conservative Federation Office at:18b Leagrave Road, Luton 

Tel: 01582 729511.

The Conservative Party in Luton is changing we will be more friendly and approachable, remember we are more than a political party we are a family.

Our first annual dinner as the Luton Conservative Federation will be held at the Old Palace Lodge Dunstable Saturday 6 January 2018, please inform the office of your interest.

Cllr Mike Garrett JP
Mike Garrett

Luton Conservative Federation


Message from the Luton Conservative Federation Chairman

The Conservative Party in Luton is growing I am delighted to say that the Conservative Party in Luton has seven ward branches which are in

  • Icknield
  • Bramingham
  • Round Green
  • Stopsley
  • Barnfield
  • High Town
  • Caddington

with membership increasing on a monthly basis.

The Labour controlled Luton Borough Council is really neglecting all areas of the town the grass is not being cut, pot holes in the road and the town has an unkempt look.

In May 2019 the people of Luton have the opportunity to elect a council who will care about you and the community you live in, if you feel like I do and want to change Luton for the better then think about joining our family.

You can contact us at the Luton Conservative Office: 18b Leagrave Road Luton or telephone 0158 2729511 or email

Luton is desperate for change the people of our town are desperate for change help us make that change happen.

Cllr Mike Garrett - Chairman - Luton Conservative Federation

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