Chairman's Welcome

The Conservative Party continues to represent the interests and values of the people of Luton. Labour is failing time and time again.

    Labour are failing Luton, we are hearing this on the doorsteps, on social media and from correspondence. They are not dealing with the day to day problems that worry people.

    - They are failing education in Luton, with the local authority being unable to maintain standards of care for vulnerable people and adults.

    - They are not supporting hardworking people who are trying to make ends meet with increasing council tax severely impacting families. 

    - They have abandoned areas of the town to crime and are not advocating the needs of the community.

    The Conservative Party is the only party in Luton that wants to see substantive change to the way the council operates.

    The elected Conservative Councillors will always try to deal with your issues as quickly as possible. We are here to support you and your families.

    We want a Luton Council that is more transparent and believe whole heartedly that the people of Luton know best. We want to change Luton for the better, join us in doing this by becoming a member and joining the party!

    As a party in Luton we are changing. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead but are maintaining our hard-working, friendly and approachable nature. We are more than a political party. We are a family.

    The Conservative Party in Luton is growing I am delighted to say that the Conservative Party in Luton has seven ward branches which are in

    • Icknield
    • Bramingham
    • Round Green
    • Stopsley
    • Barnfield
    • High Town
    • Caddington

    Membership is increasing consistently on monthly basis. We need your help to improve Luton!

    The elected officers of the Luton Conservative Federation are:-

    • John Baker - Federation Chairman.
    • Grace Froggatt - Deputy Chairman - Membership and Fundraising
    • Margaret Simons – Deputy Chairman - Political
    • Phil Turner– Treasurer
    • John Young – Officer for Luton North/Leader of the Conservative Group
    • Gordon Shrosbree - Officer for Luton South

    You can contact us at the Luton Conservative Office: 18b Leagrave Road Luton or telephone 07835037447 or email

    Luton is desperate for change. Help us make that change happen.

    John Baker 

    Luton Conservative Federation

    Join the Conservative Party now