Abid Aziz for South Ward

Abid Aziz

I'd like to tell you about me. I am a Lutonian, a proud husband and father of two young children, and along with my parents and several other members of my family, I live in South ward. I grew up here, studied here and I want to make our ward a better place.

I have worked in a range of industries, from security to sales and I have served as a Special Constable for Bedfordshire police and now I run my own business.

I will work tirelessly to enhance our local area. I pledge to:

- Work closely with residents and policing to tackle speeding and car crime in the ward

- Raise support and community watch groups throughout our area to ensure safety

- Offer advice and support to residents in need

- Work with local police to tackle fly-tipping

- Work against any new charges introduced by the council

- Help fix our neglected local parks to safeguard local children

Join my campaign and help me to address the problems facing our ward!